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BIOL 212 Animal Tissues & Embryology Wennstrom Goals Know the four major tissue types found in animals Understand how tissues are arranged in organs. The histology tutorial in this folder and section 41.2 on pages 916-921 in your textbook may help you with this. Be able to identify each of the tissue types, cell types, and other structures listed below on a microscope slide. The slide #’s you see listed are suggestions as to where to find the tissues. Keep in mind that the tissues can be found on slides not on your list, and tissues other than the one you’re looking for can be seen on the listed slides. Identify the following stages of development under the microscope: unfertilized egg, fertilized egg, blastula, gastrula. Identify the three primary embryonic tissues in a gastrula-stage embryo: ectoderm, mesoderm, endoderm. Identify the blastocoel and gastrocoel in the appropriate embryonic stages. Slide #
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