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Grading for Chem. 271 Lab Objective/Procedure and Data sections: Each week 4 randomly selected items will be chosen to be graded by the instructor for a total of 10 points possible. Qualitative and/or quantitative data, format, significant figures, units, instrument type and number, etc. could be checked. The student will not know what items will be checked until after they turn in their data sheets. Extra credit will sometimes be available. If a student critiques another student’s data sheets they may earn a possible 2 extra credit points. The critiques are due two days after the lab and the points will be awarded based on the selected items chosen for that week. Calculations and Discussion sections: Will also be based on a total of 10 points and be graded on 4 randomly selected items each week. A one-point deduction will be taken for every day late. The following are a list of some common mistakes 1. Incorrect format/order 2. Missing date and date should be noted as day/month/year 3. Missing headings for sections
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