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Chem. 271 Lab Lecture Experiment #1: Isolation of Active Ingredient in an Analgesic – PLKE Expt #9 There is a typo in the book (page 72)…you should look at Technique 7.10 not 7.9 I. Announcements a) Please read Expt. 9 in the PLKE textbook Safety ** Notebook Keeping ** Grading Review of Calculations ** very important! b) Needs for lab Bound lab notebook (carbonless) goggles A thirst for knowledge and curiosity c) Instructions for melting pt and safety talk in lab d) Lab lecture notes may be taken on notebook paper (binder). e) Gentle reminder: Prepare the lab notebook as directed in the syllabus - These will be initialed at the beginning of lab. *Note: Not all items apply every week. This week include: Name and lab day (outside cover) Sketch of lab (inside cover) Table of contents Date on pages Objective Summary of procedure (shortened!) Complete list of all chemicals used (include analgesic) f) Please work alone, but be friendly! Partners in some labs. Help each other calibrate the pipet.
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i) Lab report: Turn in copies of your data before leaving lab and any post lab questions one week after completing the lab. Include: All data in complete form; diary style, and sketches. (see example and pages in the manual) Calculations as outlined in the expt. including structural formula for the analgesic Reporting table Discussion Answers to assigned PLKE questions and the calculations/questions found at the end of this handout Dates on every page plus voiding empty spaces II. What will happen in lab a) Enter with Safety Glasses on; notebook and pen ready. b)
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LabLectureColumnC2_1 - Chem 271 Lab Lecture Experiment#1...

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