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Organic Chemistry KitPart

Organic Chemistry KitPart - 10 mL Round-bottom flask 25 mL...

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Organic Chemistry Kit (14/10 joints) Compression caps, Teflon Septum and Rubber O-rings (7 each) 5 mL Conical reaction vials (2) 3 mL Conical reaction vial Claisen head adapter Vacuum adapter – bent 105 ° 2 mL Craig tube and inner plug Drying tube Hickman distillation head, side ported
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Unformatted text preview: 10 mL Round-bottom flask 25 mL Round-bottom flask Connecting adapter Plastic Column funnel Water-cooled reflux (jacketed) condenser 10 mL Centifuge tube with white cap Erlenmeyer Flask (3) Teflon spin vane Magnetic spin bar 0.1 mL Conical reaction vials, 5/5 joint (2)...
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