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TLCand Titration_1_p1 - a Titration Reaction performed COH...

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Experiment #2: Titration of Aspirin Tablets and TLC of Analgesics The procedure for the Titration can be found in the Lab #2 folder and the TLC procedure is in PLKE Exp. #11. Required Reading: Techniques 19 (sections 19.1-19.3) and 20 in the PLKE text. I. Notebook Preparation Make sure you have your safety chart on the inside cover of your lab notebook Entry in Table of Contents (2 expts) Dates on pages Short Objective for both (together at the beginning of the pg) Very (very, very) short procedure for each (please use a flow diagram) List of chemicals for each. Titration reaction (chemical equation) Take notes in lab on each step you perform! e.g. “Returning to TLC expt”… *Time Saver: Set up Tank first Prepare plates Titrate while plates develop. Caution: ethyl acetate as well as a small amount of glacial acetic acid. Do not take outside of hood or spill on yourself. Fig. 1 Tank for Thin-Layer Chromatography
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II. Data for each:
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Unformatted text preview: a) Titration: Reaction performed COH O O C O H 3 C + NaOH CO O O C O H 3 C Na + H 2 O (ASA) Std. Base • Indicator • Balance # (make sure and use the analytical) • Buret # • All weights!! • Measuring devices (e.g. 25 ml cylinder) • Good titration data (s.f. on buret) • Concentration of the base e.g. Tablet #1 = Fred Meyer Aspirin (5 gr = 325 mg) Analytical Balance # = 3 (and manufacturer) wt of paper = 0.3743 g wt of paper and tablet = 0.8493 g Molarity of base = 0.1046 M EtOH used = 25 ml (graduated cylinder) H 2 O added = 25 ml ( “ “ ) Phenolphthalein added = 3 drops Buret # = 1 (base) Volume reading (initial) 13.02 ml (final) 30.70 ml b) TLC may detect 10 –9 g • Standards used • Unknown # • Home sample or sample from last week’s experiment • Solvent to dissolve tablet • TLC solvent (may be toxic!!!) • Sketch of plate after developing • R f values • Table of result...
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TLCand Titration_1_p1 - a Titration Reaction performed COH...

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