Freshmen Case Templates for Mentors

Freshmen Case Templates for Mentors - much better and...

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Case I – Toyota Grow leading position Increase profits Stay strong in down market Case II – Pfizer Obtain new blockbuster drug Broaden market sectors Engage in vertical or horizontal integration Case III – Microsoft Speed up development Broaden market strategy Reorganize to be less technology dependent Some Important Facts Economy down Government intervention possible History of Toyota management is great Reputation of brand is super Technology changing but we’re good at it Costs are increasing and margins decreasing Average age is increasing Research is well funded and high priority in social setting Hospitals and HMO’s are getting
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Unformatted text preview: much better and stronger Technology changing and we’ve been good Our reputation is bad (e.g., Vista) Information Technology will grow in importance Possible Options: Acquire United States companies Accelerate new technology development Decrease prices and profits to gain loyalty Sell more in emerging economies Contract and/or move to generics Expand by either vertical or horizontal integration Concentrate on drugs for aged or cancer. Set up alliances both domestic and international Spin off some areas Focus on one area; business, personal, academic, scientific, etc....
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