ANTH 210 9-29-05

ANTH 210 9-29-05 - ANTH 210 9-29-05 Politics of Music,...

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ANTH 210 9-29-05 Politics of Music, Introduction to Music. Most of the time we listen to music, its for pure pleasure. Also most of the time, politically charged, there are meanings running in the songs, running inparrell, with the song and sometimes against it. Politics in music? Ways in which music forms community? Musical Function, in protests, lyrics are usually discussion, outrage against inequality, picking a moral stand, music in this way operating to provide its listeners/community with a way of struggling a way of surviving against the inequality. Kind of music which is operating for pleasure, but has a message underneath as well. Music channels expressions of sorrow, and duty & devotion, music more so than other forms of written propaganda, a good way of expressing a political message. Protest music is always operating, but it tends to flourish in hard times. We NOTES: VIDEO #3 IMPORTANT NOTICE: Any paragraphs starting with **, means that there are answers after the questions, which are asked through the workbook. This is the text re-written with the movie note questions answered taken. Although information is provided, this is simply an extra resource to use, not the only resource you should use. This video set out to provide numerous American musical illustrations of the two forms of political music being discussed throughout the course. Below are some comments, questions and answers on the music included. The first song played was used to illustrate how a mainstream pop song can carry a political message, often times about star-crossed lovers who are fighting against economic or racial or parental oppression. We used the song “Girl You’ll be a Woman Soon” to make this point. ** The next song discussed back to the 1930’and was by Woody Guthrie. His mournful ballad was used to illustrate the working man protest songs of the era. What was the song called (hint: the title describes what the song was about)? // the song was called ‘hard feeling, and it expressed the wood low massacre. The next song was another Depression Era tune protesting the plight of farmers at the
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ANTH 210 9-29-05 - ANTH 210 9-29-05 Politics of Music,...

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