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STUDY GUIDE for FINAL, PART 3 - providedbyJingyee....

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Fall 2005 ANTH 210 Study Guide (3 of 3) “Hawaiian” provided by Jingyee.net – “ Helping students through college Jingyee.net is not liable for your test results; this information is to be used as an additional studying resource, not your only study tool. " Everybody thinks of changing humanity, but nobody thinks of changing himself." – Leo Tolstoy s ---------------------TEST ANXIETY QUESTIONS--------------------- Ask yourself, “ Do I know this ?” What are the Hawaiian musical inventions/innovations that mark the music, give its characteristic sounds What were the effects of Hollywood and the tourist industry n Hawaiian music What the Hawaiian renaissance of the 1970s was al about How that musical renaissance developed during the 1980s and 1990s What the struggle between the kings and queens during the 19 th century was about How ancient Hawaiian hierarchies developed Hawaiian attitudes towards size The meaning of the concepts of mana and taboo Influence of foreigners on Hawai’i starting with Capt. Cook Forms of Hawaiian resistance to foreign influences during the 19 th century. The Hawaiian songs. Hawaiian musical inventions/innovations that give it characteristic sounds Use of the ukulele, “ukulele” means “jumping flea” which refers to the way the fingers jump on the strings Slack key guitar tuning; the lap played, acoustic steel sliding guitar High tenor and falsetto singing Traditional chanting; hula Nose flute; music was supposed to be pure and the mouth isn’t pure (you can swear out of it…) so if you played music with your nose it was considered more pure Effects of Hollywood and the tourist industry on Hawaiian music Denatures Hawaiian song and dance, packaging them as harmless pastimes indulged in by the adorable natives Broadway musicals about Hawaiian life became popular as early as 1912 Touring Hawaiian musicians sparked a national craze for Hawaiian music and so Tin Pan Alley got busy cranking out dozens of songs with lyrics that supposedly mimicked the Hawaiian language Development of air transport in the 1950s caused Hawaii to become an even bigger American tourist Mecca
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