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STUDY GUIDE for FINAL, PART 2 - (2of3 providedbyJingyee....

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Fall 2005 ANTH 210 Study Guide ( 2 of 3 ) provided by Jingyee.net – “ Helping students through college Jingyee.net is not liable for your test results; this information is to be used as an additional studying resource, not your only study tool. "“ It is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult task which, more than anything else, will affect it’s successful outcome .” –William James ---------------------TEST ANXIETY QUESTIONS--------------------- Ask yourself, “ Do I know this ?” What is “filial piety”? What are the causes of Hing’s problems with his father? What does Khmer” refer to? Why is Phnom Penh where it is? What countries share borders with Cambodia? The early empire based in Angkor Wat was influenced by what other traditions? What were some of the kinds of Cambodian expressive culture Sam and Dara discussed in the first video? What was the role of the monk in traditional Cambodian education? Who emerged as leader of Cambodia at the time of its independence from the French in 1953? What factors led to the victory of the Khmer Rogue in 1975? What were some of the policies of the Khmer Rouge? What does the “Killing Fields” refer to? Who overthrew the Khmer Rogue? Where is the biggest community of Cambodians in America today? What sorts of gender tensions have developed between the parents and young people within the Cambodian-American community? What about between Dara and her family? Why have Cambodian gangs arisen in the US? What are some of the arguments we mentioned against the policy of deporting Cambodian-American felons? What is unique about Cambodian rap? What is the meaning if the title of PraCH’s song, “Power, Territory and Rice”? Why are Cambodian-American young women getting married at a younger age than young women back in Cambodia?
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What did we say makes the Second Language stand out as a Cambodian- American rap group? Spend eighty percent of your time focusing on the opportunities of tomorrow rather than the problems of yesterday .” - Brian Tracy ----------------TEST ANXIETY QUESTIONS & ANSWERS---------------- What is “filial piety”? o filial piety means to take care of one's parents; not be rebellious ; show love, respect and support; display courtesy ; ensure male heirs; uphold fraternity among brothers ; wisely advise one's parents; conceal their mistakes; display sorrow for their sickness and death ; and carry out sacrifices after their death What are the causes of Hing’s problems with his father? o
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STUDY GUIDE for FINAL, PART 2 - (2of3 providedbyJingyee....

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