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TUPAC OUTLINE - attended church in Brooklyn and held a...

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attended church in Brooklyn and held a traditional African American grounding (1-3) accepted the idea of revolution as a goal worth achieving (3) raised by many members of the Black Panthers, a group constantly trying to achieve a revolution to improve conditions for all African Americans love of rap music first appears (chapter 2) love of the music allows Tupac to constructively express his convictions and emotions while adding to his own ability and skillful use of language (15) moved to Marin City, Tupac’s energy and abilities gain him the attention of Digital Underground (37) For the first time Tupac sees that his ability can gain him success in the world, and that there is more to life than selling drugs and living off day to day means began to gain more popularity on MTV and the radio, his record label became more a part of his own family and connections to the world (64) family values that Tupac learned of as a child, became more tangible with his growing
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