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CONTENT CHOICES Utensils and ingredients needed - Being a recipe type document, the utensils that would be used and the ingredients needed to brew beer are a must to include. Time, age, and specific requirements - Takes about 3 hours to prepare the beer for fermentation, participants should be 21, other specific requirements Brewing instructions with adjacent pictures - Decided that pictures should be included to provide a visual presentation of how the solution should look like so the text didn’t have to go into details. Fermentation process - Takes 2 weeks to ferment Second fermentation process, bottling, and storing - Briefly introduced due to excessive information INITIAL DOCUMENT DESIGN 8 ½ X 11 in. - Easy to handle, comfortable size, easy to find information Heavy duty white paper - Durability Double sided for convenience
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Unformatted text preview: -One side for utensils and ingredients needed o Provide a reference for people new to cooking or brewing to visually see the materials and ingredients required-One side for requirements, brewing and fermentation instructions, and close with advice after ale is made o Brewing beer is pretty linear and doesn’t require a lot of steps, just time. o Shouldn’t require a lot of pages and a single page would allow all the information needed to be right in front of a first time brewer Laminated due to potential spilling-Brewing beer can be messy, especially during step when it is required to move solution from container to container Pictures throughout document to provide further clarity of each step and utensils used-Would have at least one picture per step of the brewing process...
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