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ADHD - A DHD Basic facts Not a new construct More on slides...

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ADHD Basic facts - Not a new construct… - More on slides What is ADHD? Richard Brenson, Michael Phelps…some of the successful ppl with ADHD Core features of ADHD (the triad) 1. Inattention/ Distractibility 2. Impulsivity 3. Hyperactivity (+-): not all has this, may disappear with age (4. Temperamentality) DSM IV Inattention - Careless - Difficulty sustaining attn - Doesn’t listen - No follow through - Cant organize - Avoids/ dislikes tasks req sustained mental effort - Loses important - Easily distractable - Forgetful in daily act. Hyperactivity - Squirms and fidgets - Cant stay seated - Runs/ climbs excessively Impulsivity Co-existence of other conditions often complicates the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD Impact - Ppl with ADHD have increased rates of: ER visit Injuries
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Smoking decreased ability to quit. Substance use Legal problems Teen pregnancies Job terminations Divorces Motor vehicle accidents Etc.
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