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COMPARATIVE LITERATURE 17A Study Guide for Midterm on October 22, 2009 You are expected to bring a blank blue book (either the large or small format) to the exam . Please do not write anything on/in it, not even your name, because we may ask you to exchange them with someone else. The exams for this course will all be closed-book, which also means that you may not use any notes or electronic devices during the exam. You will be required to write your exam in ink , not pencil. If you feel you need to cross out something and/or insert something with an arrow to show where it goes, that's fine. Please be sure that your writing is legible and the placement of any additions is clearly marked. For this exam you are responsible for the following works we have read: Gilgamesh The assigned readings from the Old Testament (selections from the books of Genesis, Exodus, and The Song of Songs ) The Iliad by Homer Medea by Euripedes Please note that I have decided not to include Plato's Apology of Socrates here. This work will come up later, on the 4-page essay and/or the final exam. For each of the included texts you should be able to state: (1) the name of the author (if any) and (2) the name of the work, both spelled correctly; (3) an approximate date of composition; (4) the language in which it was originally written or the country/region it comes from; and (5) the proper names of the major characters mentioned/covered in the work, also spelled correctly. For examples of the latter, you
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CPLT17A_09_midterm_guide - COMPARATIVE LITERATURE 17A Study...

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