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Kacy Grady Creative Response #1 The piece that inspired my response was ‘The Monster.” The message that I got from the performance was about embracing who you are, and not hiding or running away from your ‘monsters.’ In my collage I used symbols such as the child with a pot over his head, and a kangaroo that is half hiding off the page. These symbols are meant to represent the part of me that wants to hide and settle with conforming to everyone else’s ways. The disguise with the glasses and funky colored nose and mouth represents the feelings of being stuck in the middle; wanting to be able to show my true crazy-colored personality,
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Unformatted text preview: but keeping my glasses on because I am scared and reserved. The girl being pulled upwards by the balloons represents being able to escape and ‘rise above the daily grind.’ The flamingo is being painted pink, embracing its true colors, and proudly standing tall. The maze that occurs throughout the collage represents all the possible pathways and different walks of life we can choose for ourselves, as long as we remain true and continue to choose paths that make us truly happy....
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