NATURAL disaster's tests to study

NATURAL disaster's tests to study - EXAM 1 FALL 2009...

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EXAM 1: FALL 2009 Natural Disasters 11 am MWF (50 minute exam 1105-1155) Please write your letter answers on this test in the indicated space to the left of the question number ___1. Which of the following would have the closest meaning to the word “disaster”? A) bad god B) evil energy C) bad star ___ 2. What two hazard types cause the most damage and loss of life (globally) over the last 100 years? A) hurricanes and earthquakes B) hurricanes and tornadoes C) earthquakes and volcanic eruptions ___ 3. Which of the following is true about “natural hazards” and/or “disasters”? A ) disasters are totally unavoidable and unpreventable B) natural hazards and other Earth processes are increasing over time C) exponential human growth makes disasters out of hazards. (people get in the way) ___ 4. The carrying capacity of an island or planet is the maximum population that. .... A) can exist at any one time B ) the available resources can sustain C) can all fit on the exposed land area ___5. San Diego Co. (2009) has a population of 3 million, @ 2% growth rate when will the population reach 6 million, remember the rule>>>>>> 70 ÷(%growth) = doubling time in years (approximately) A) 2025 B) 2044 C) 2061 ___6. What is the current birthrate on planet Earth? A) 1.6 kids per mom B) 2.6 kids per mom C) 2.0 kids per mom ___7. If isotopes in an igneous rock showed there to be 50% parent and 50% daughter, what would be the age of the rock if the system had a half life of 10 million years? A) 5 Ma B) 10 Ma C) 20 Ma __ 8. The outer most part of the Earth which is divided into plates is the. ..... A) lithosphere B) mesosphere C) asthenosphere ___9. How has the growth rate of the human population changed over the last 20 years? A) it has increased from 1.2 to 1.9 percent B) it has decreased from 1.9 to 1.2 percent C) it has decreased from 1.2 to 0.2 percent ___10. On the early Earth what biologic process over time drastically changed Earth’s atmosphere? A) photosynthesis B) chemosynthesis C) macrosynthesis ___11. Which of the following elements is the most abundant in the core of the Earth ? A) silicon B) carbon C) iron ___12. Which of the following objects would form the mantle of the Earth? A) rocky asteroids B) metallic meteorites C) a comets
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___13. Which of the following processes resulted in a structured and an internally layered planet? 2 A) concretion B) differentiation C) accretion ___14. The Earth's internal heat is responsible for causing which of the following? A) hurricanes B) floods C ) earthquakes ___15. Which of the following is not true about the magnetic field of Earth? A) it is formed by the solid inner core B) it can flip or reverse itself over “geologic” time C) it is a result of the moving fluid metal in the outer core of the Earth D) it acts a shield to protect our atmosphere and life ___16. The inclination angle of the Earth’s magnetic field is oriented so that…. A)
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NATURAL disaster's tests to study - EXAM 1 FALL 2009...

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