Psych1 - narc Psychology 101 Three in-class exams Best 2 of...

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51/8/08narc Psychology 101 Three in-class exams Best 2 of 3 Final mandatory Grading sheet in syllabus Extra Credit UserID: hpr10527 Definition of Psychology The scientific study of mind and behavior Etymological Roots Psychology = Psyche + Logos Psyche was a Greek mythical figure, she is the root of the name psychology. She was a beautiful woman inside and out (spirit and body), she had two other sisters who in their own right were pretty but they were not in her league. People would come from the countryside to see her, people stopped going to temple of Venus (goddess of beauty) because they had Psyche on Earth. Venus got pissed and decided to take revenge against Psyche. She called to her aid her son Cupid to stop this, she wanted Cupid to shoot her with an arrow and make her fall in love with something ugly and hideous and put poison on her lips so that nothing she ever tastes is good, so that she never gets pleasure. Cupid said he could do this. Meanwhile Psyche was not paid any romantic attention and her two older sisters got married off, her father went to an Oracle and Oracle said Psyche was not destined for a human husband. Oracle said to dress her up in wedding finery, march her up to the top of a mountain and let her be claimed by her bestial wedding. Cupid made himself invisible and snuck up on Psyche as she slept and he was stunned, she really was very beautiful. He was about to make her fall in love with something ugly and she woke up, saw him, he was stunned and poked himself w/his own arrow and fell madly in love with her. Meanwhile Psyche is in despair, Cupid whisks her away (as a zephyr) to a castle and Psyche is bathed and fed and then it is time to go to bed and await the arrival of her husband. In the middle of pitch darkness a figure crawls next to her and says that I am your husband but you can’t ever see me but you can enjoy everything in this castle. Psyche got lonely and wanted her sisters to come up, Cupid said it wouldn’t be a good idea, sisters were amazed by her place, she said her husband was out hunting but sisters caught her in lie. Sisters told her to take a candle and knife to bed, if it some monster then kill him. Well she did it and found Cupid, wax dripped from candle onto Cupid and the castle vanished, Cupid vanished, Psyche was a widow. Psyche was in despair and said she shouldn’t have listened to her sisters, decided she was going to get him back. She goes to his mother, Venus, to win him back. Venus gives her three impossible tasks (3 rd task was to descend into hell and get a box of beauty). Psyche accomplishes first 2 tasks. But in the third task Psyche got curious and opened the box of beauty and fell over, unconscious, Cupid had been monitoring her progress all along and gave her an infamous kiss that woke her.
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Cupid took her to the Gods and Jupiter. Gods decided that Cupid being a god and Psyche being a human wouldn’t work, so Psyche had to become a goddess. They
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Psych1 - narc Psychology 101 Three in-class exams Best 2 of...

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