stata - Bare bones Stata 1 Begin When Stata opens, you will...

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Unformatted text preview: Bare bones Stata 1 Begin When Stata opens, you will see 4 windows: • Review — Top left corner. This window maintains a history of all the commands that have been entered in the Stata Command window. • Variables — Bottom left corner. This gives a list of the variables in the dataset being used. • Stata Results — This is the main black window which displays the output of what you tell Stata to do. • Stata Command — Below the Stata Results. Here all commands are typed in and on hitting Enter, these will be executed. Only one command can be typed and executed at a time from the Command window. So, if you want Stata to do a bunch of things, then a more useful way is to use do-files. This is discussed later. We will explore these windows later. For now, focus on the command window. We are going to learn to navigate the folders of your computer in the command window. 1.1 Navigation At various times you will be commanding Stata not just to do statistics but to load or save data. Stata has a default directory in which it will load or save data. To see what its default directory is, type • pwd Stata usually begins with C: \ data as its directory. (On some systems it might be different.) To change the directory, use the command • cd which can change the directory. There are a few ways you can change the default directory. If you want to go down a folder from the current folder, type cd SomeFolder . If the folder name has a space in it, you must put the directory name in quotation marks, e.g. cd ‘‘Corey’s Awesome Folder’’ . To change to a particular folder, type cd ‘‘C: \ Documents and Settings \ My Documents \ data.dta’’ . If you have never seen the C: \ prefix to a directory listing, that just means to start from the root folder of the C: drive, which is the hard drive on most PC computers. (On a Mac a lot of this will be slightly different and of course superior.) Again note the use of quotation marks if the folder name has a space in it. If you want to go up a directory, type cd .. 1 2 Loading data There are 3 commands to import data from a file, depending on the format of the data file....
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stata - Bare bones Stata 1 Begin When Stata opens, you will...

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