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Fillmore 1982 Frame Semantics

Fillmore 1982 Frame Semantics - FrameStllWltics Charles J...

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\ . ,'-- FrameStllWltics Charles J. Fillmore llnivcrsllY of Califomla, Berkeley 1.101'-101I With the term 'frame semantica' r have in mind I research prolrtm in empirical &emantics Ind. descripllve framework for presenclal the mults or 5uch research. Fflme lemanliet oft"e,. I perdcular wly of lookln, •• word me.ninp, .. well •• I wly of chlracterizin. principles ror creal in, new worda and phri1eS, ror add in. new !DeIIRlnp to woro., and ror auemblina Ihe meanings of elemenll iD 0 t.. 1 Into the total meanln. of the tell. By the term '(rame' I have in mind aay s)'Item O(COnceptl rellted in luch. wly that to undentand In)' one of them you have to undentand the who: structure in which It IHI: when one or the thinas in luch I ttNCture II in. troduced into I text, or into I converutlon,.n althe othen Ire lutomatally mado IVlil,ble. J intud the word 'frame' u used hera to be. ae~' M.er ! term rOt the let of eoncepll nriou.ly known, in the litenture on n.turol language undentandina. u 'schema', 'Kript\ 'aceRario', 'ideltional teaf. (oldin.', 'colnilive model'. or 'rotk theory'.1 Frame .emantica COmet out or tndltions of empirical semantica nthet than formal .. montiCi. III. moot akin to ethnolllphic .. miotic&, tb. work of Ihe onthropolo,ilt who move. Into an olien cultu,," ODd ub .ud! q ..... tions I', 'Whit Cltelorie. of experienee are encoded by the memben or thl, .pecch community throulh the IIn",lltic chom thot they moh whoa they .a1k r A frame .. mantico outlook I. not (or I. not n ...... nly) looompatiblo wi.h work and rCiull. ,In formal ..... ntico; but it ditr... ImpartlDlly (rom formal temantics in emphuizin, (hecantlnuilla, rather tbaD the dilCOtltinui· lies, between 10naUiae .nd "perie""". The Ide.. I will be _tlnllD thl, paper represent not .0 much. ,engine theory or empiricll temlDticl I•• set of waminp about the kinds of problema luch • theory will have to dell with. rr we wish, we can think or the remarks I make u 'prc-ronnlll' nther than 'non·rormalist'j I tlalm to be IIltin,. and al well.1 r can to be describ. ing, phenomena which mUll be well undentood ond ca,.,fully described berore serious formal theorizjnl about them can become poslible. [III) Tho Linguistic Society of Korea (ed.), 1982, Lingui.lic. in the Morning Calm, Seoul: Han.hin Publishing Co .
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., -, 112 In the view I am presenti"£!. words represent calc,orillitions or experience, and each of these categorics is underlain by a motivating situation octurring dgainsl a background of knowledge and uperience. With respect to word meanings, frame semantic research can be thought or as the etrort to under- stand what reason a speech community might have found ror creating the category represented by the word, and to explain the word's meaning hy presenting and clarifying that reason. An"analoD Ihat 1 Hnd helpful in distinguishing the operation and the goab of frame semantin from those of standard views of rompositional semantics is between a lrammar and I set of tools-tools like hammers and kniv~, but abo like clock! and .hoes ,nd pencils. To know about tools is to know what they look like and what the)' are made of-the phonology and morphol- ogy. so to speak-but it is
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