phycourseintro - Discuss the quiz questions with your...

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1/11/2010 1 Welcome to Physics 102 Section B Electricity, Magnetism, Light and Optics, and Modern Physics UBlearns: where all announcements are made. Syllabus is online ( read very carefully ) Webassign: ( ) - Login as soon as possible - Change your password immediately! - Contact me if you cannot login No time extension will be given Two lowest grades will be dropped ( !) Recitation quizzes (no recitation in the first week) - No makeup, two lowest grade will be dropped
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1/11/2010 2 Use office hours and discussion board instead of emails for general questions - You may go to any PHY 102 TA or instructor’s office hr Email: Use your UB account, PHY102 in subject line Discussion board: monitored by TAs/instructors; - HW questions will not be answered by TAs/Instructors In-class clicker quizzes (every lecture):
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Unformatted text preview: - Discuss the quiz questions with your neighbors- DO NOT share clickers - You have two chances of entering your answer (last one is your final answer) Recitation quizzes: 15% 1 st exam (Feb 20): 20% 2 nd exam (Mar 20): 20% Final exam: 30% Homework: 10% In class quizzes (clicker): 5% 1/11/2010 3 About small things; things we don’t normally see with our eyes, even with microscopes How could we understand things that we do not see, even with a microscope? (A: We have brains ) Explain how and why things (usually big, visible) move/work Three Parts: (1) Electricity and magnetism (ch15 – 21) (2) Light and Optics (Ch 22 – 25) (3) Modern Physics (Ch26 – 29) Why is Physics 102 important?...
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phycourseintro - Discuss the quiz questions with your...

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