hw3 - explaining this to non-statisticians Provide 95...

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BIOSTAT 651 Homework #3 due Wed-17-Mar-2010 * SHOW ALL YOUR WORK 1. There is a study on the efects oF AZT in slowing the development oF AIDS symptoms. In the study, 338 veterans whose immune systems were beginning to Falter aFter inFection with the AIDS virus were randomly assigned either to receive AZT immediately or to wait until their T cells showed severe immune weakness. The Following table cross classi±es the veterans’ race, whether they received AZT immediately, and whether they developed AIDS symptoms during the 3-year study. Symptoms Race AZT use Yes No White Yes 14 93 No 32 81 Black Yes 11 52 No 12 43 (a) De±ne a response variable and two covariates. (b) Based on the answers in (a), ±t an appropriate generalized linear model. - Write down a main efects model. - Provide estimates oF regression coe²cients. - Interpret all the estimated regression coe²cients. Imagine that you are
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Unformatted text preview: explaining this to non-statisticians.- Provide 95% con±dence intervals For all the regression coe²cients. (c) ReFer to (b). Provide the odds oF developing AIDS symptoms For white subjects with the same AZT use status, and con±dence interval For the cor-responding OR . 1 (d) What is the estimated probability that white subjects with immediate AZT use will develop AIDS symptoms? Also provide a confdence interval For that probability. (e) Write down an interaction e±ect model, and test whether the interaction e±ect is signifcant. (F) Conduct a goodness-oF-ft test. 2. Solve exercise 8.2 (a)-(b) on page 163 oF Textbook. 3. Solve exercise 8.3 (a)-(c) on page 163 oF Textbook. 4. Solve exercise 9.7 on page 186 oF Textbook. Note: Do not calculate pseudo R 2 For (b). 2...
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hw3 - explaining this to non-statisticians Provide 95...

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