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electronics lab 1

electronics lab 1 - the same results We also measured the...

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Taylor Edgens EE 2231 September 9, 2009 Lab #1 Lab Partner: Arthur Mason Introduction The purpose of our first Electronics I lab was to get familiar with the equipment in the lab and understand the importance of Thevenin’s theorem. Procedures First, we connected three different resistors separately and measured the resistance on each one to prove they were the right resistors. After, we connected two of the resistors together in series and found that to find the total resistance you simply add the resistances together. We then connected the resistors in parallel to test the equation for total resistance in this case and found
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Unformatted text preview: the same results. We also measured the resistance of the ground on the circuits and proved that it does in fact equal zero. Then we hooked up two resistors in series and measured the voltage at three different nodes, finding the middle one to be half the supply voltage. We proceeded to hook up four resistors in series and found the same conclusion. Analysis See attached circuit sheet. Conclusion Just as the manual says and the theorem, all the voltages and resistances added up to their expected outcome. We have concluded that we were successful in our attempt to test these theories and equations....
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