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Asian American Studies 60B Lecture 5

Asian American Studies 60B Lecture 5 - • The early 50’s...

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Asian American Studies 60B Lecture 5 1948 Displaced Persons Act – This created the idea of refugees, initially meant to be a political designation. This act created two categories, the first included professionals, technically skilled, and kindred workers. The first group possessed high human capital, meaning they had an education and hold skills that most people do not have; sometimes the ability to speak English is a factor. The second group is unskilled workers and agriculturalists. The agriculturalist part was meant to keep Jew’s from entering the US. This was because the US held a strong anti-Semitic stance up until WWII. The US has to accommodate refugees because it has become the major economical and political powers.
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Unformatted text preview: • The early 50’s refugee laws are targeted towards the Chinese. This was due to the Chinese revolution, the formation of communist China. This forced many Chinese studying in the US to either go back to Taiwan or stay in the US. • Immigration is reinforcing the economic development during this time period. The middle class is disappearing. • 1924 Immigration was based on the National Origins act which was based on the national census of 1800’s. This effectively eliminated the Asian immigration effort and limited the immigration of people from Eastern Europe. • 1965 Immigration Act – Three new principles for immigration. Family reunification, refugees, and economic qualifications....
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