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Anthro+161+T+Syllabus+-+Spr+2009-1 - Anthro 161T Asian...

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Anthro 161T Spring 2009 Tom Douglas Office Location: SSPB 1290 Dept. of Anthropology Office Hours: M. 5:45 – 6:45 pm Lecture: M 7:00 – 9:50 pm Room: SSLH 100 Course Code 60380 Course web page - http://eee.uci.edu/09s/60380/ Course Description: This course exposes students to the rich variety of Asian immigrant culture that exists in the Southern California area through both traditional classroom discussions and scholarly readings as well as through personal field exposure. As noted on the syllabus, in lieu of attending lecture on certain weeks, the student will be expected to attend various festivals, visit businesses or community events and write brief papers discussing these fieldwork experiences. The student will need to be prepared to discuss her/his experience in class the following week. Short Papers – The student will be required to write four short papers based on the fieldwork experiences of this course. These papers will need to be between a full 3 to 5 pages in length and will be due in class as stated on the class schedule below. These papers will need to describe and analyze the ethnographic exercise assigned for a particular week. Each paper will be worth 15% of the student’s total grade. The dates when each paper is due are noted on the syllabus. All papers must be each student’s own work and proper citations must be used wherever and whenever appropriate. Late papers will lose 10 points for each day that they are late. Attendance, Quiz & Participation: Attendance and/or quizzes will be given on the nights that we meet. Points will be given based on attendance and quizzes. Attendance and participation are an important aspect of this course and are worth 15% of your total grade. You will be expected to both attend and to engage in discussion of the readings and class exercises in order to receive full attendance points. Final Paper: There will be a final paper for this course based on your reading of and providing an analysis of one of the books listed on the resources page of the syllabus. This paper will be due the night of the scheduled final exam. (There will be no actual final exam, writing this paper will be the substitute for a final exam). This final paper will be worth 25% of
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your grade. Further instructions on how to write this paper will be given separately from this syllabus. Late papers will lose 10 points for each day that they are late. Policy on Request for Grade Changes - Grade changes will only be made in the event that an actual error has occurred. A student’s grade will not be changed simply because a student feels that “they deserved a higher grade” or “worked very hard and should have received a better grade.” Grades are the prerogative of the course professor and are not negotiable. Policy on Cheating and Plagiarism
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Anthro+161+T+Syllabus+-+Spr+2009-1 - Anthro 161T Asian...

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