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Tony Tran April 5, 2009 12968001 Anthropology 161T Mini Ethnography 1: Cambodian New Year Today marks the New Year on the traditional Cambodian calendar. I have been living in Long Beach my whole life and have been to one Cambodian New Year celebration in El Dorado before, but never this parade. But what I am told it seems like the parade routes have been getting shorter and shorter each year. This year was a little different, and from what I was told by people I interviewed, the parade is different from year to year. Long Beach, California has one of the largest populations of Cambodians outside of Cambodia. My day started at about 10:15AM, as I parked my car in one of the residential neighborhoods and walked down towards Anaheim Street. The street was completely blocked off and I stood right near the Cherry and Anaheim intersection. Some floats had already begun to move down the street. These floats had very interesting designs and seemed to portray traditional Cambodian art and culture. There were a few floats with Cambodian women dancing. I interviewed a CSULB student that was there to celebrate the festivities with his family. Peter Khem offered me some insight on the meaning of the parade and how it represents Cambodian people. My first question asked what the significance of the parade to his community and how he felt the parade portrayed the Cambodian community. His response was, “Well to tell you the truth, I believe the parade brings many families together and gives them a reason to come out and celebrate Cambodian history. I feel like the
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community is able to unite around this time of the year and celebrate with their loved ones and strangers also. It isn’t just Cambodians that come out to these events, there are people of different cultures and races that come to see what Cambodian New Year is all about. People just like you, college students and
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Mini Ethnography 1 - Tony Tran April 5 2009 12968001...

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