Mini Ethnography 2 - 1 Tony Tran April 27, 2009 12968001...

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1 Tony Tran April 27, 2009 12968001 Anthropology 161T Mini Ethnography 2: Visiting an Asian Business District Southern California is home to many different Asian communities; such as Korea town in Los Angeles, Little Tokyo in Los Angeles, China Town also in Los Angeles, and various other ethnic communities throughout the region. These communities are based on cultural ties from the inhabitant’s past and a feeling of mutual understanding and consensus among their respective ethnic groups. My travels took me locally to Westminster, California which is home to a large population of Vietnamese people. Growing up in Long Beach, California I did not know much of this area even though it is relatively close; my family mainly went to China Town in LA. My day began at the Asian Garden Mall on Bolsa Ave. I was told by many of my friends from Orange County was this was a centerpiece of Little Saigon. Researching online, I was told that this place is usually jam packed with tourists and locals. It was about 11:30AM on a Thursday so the place was not as crowded as it could be. Entering from the main entrance I notice many older Vietnamese men conversing and playing board games out front. There are about 10 men just smoking cigarettes, joking around and playing what seems to be chess. This struck me as really interesting
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2 because the only other place that I have been where an older generation of Asians can leisurely assemble is China Town in Los Angeles. Entering the Asian Garden Mall I am
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Mini Ethnography 2 - 1 Tony Tran April 27, 2009 12968001...

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