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ITP109_Lab4 - If anything other than C c F or f is entered...

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ITP 109 Lab 4 Goal You will practice using if-else statements and boolean expressions. Assignment Write a program that allows the user to convert a temperature given in degrees from either Celsius to Fahrenheit or Fahrenheit to Celsius. Use the following formulas: Degrees_C = 5 (Degrees_F - 32) / 9 Degrees_F = (9 (Degrees_C) / 5) + 32 Prompt the user to enter a temperature and either a C or c for Celsius or an F or f for Fahrenheit. Convert the temperature to Fahrenheit if Celsius is entered, or to Celsius if Fahrenheit is entered. Display the result in a readable format.
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Unformatted text preview: If anything other than C, c, F, or f is entered, print an error message. • Create your program using Eclipse. Your project should be named Lab4 , and your Java class should be named ConvertTemp . • Use the Scanner class to get input from the user, and use System.out to print to the console window. • Make sure to comment your code. Grading - 30 points total • 10 points: Input of data • 10 points: Convert temperature • 10 points: Display result • If you do not comment your code, points will be deducted....
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