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Review sheet for Midterm 1

Review sheet for Midterm 1 - h Miller indices i locations...

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Atoms, periodic chart, and bonding a) Names of groups (alkali, alkaline earth, halides, etc.) b) Electronegativity c) Inonicity d) Periodic trends (metallicity, electroneg, ionization energy, cohesive energy, melting point, etc) e) Bonding i. Potential energy curve ii. General repulsion potential iii. Van der Waals bonding, LJ potential iv. Ionic bonding, Madelung sum v. Covalent bonding, hybridized orbitals, bonding shapes of sp, sp 2 , sp 3 vi. Metallic bonding vii. Periodic trends in bonding f) Fraction of ionic character Geometry of crystals a) Direct lattice translation vector b) Primitive and non-primitive cells c) Wigner-Seitz cell d) Crystal systems, 2D, 3D e) 14 Bravais lattices, 7 crystal systems f) Volume of a cell g) Centering and their symbols (P, I, F, C, A, B)
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Unformatted text preview: h) Miller indices i. locations, directions, planes ii. Miller-bravais hexagonal indices iii. Families of directions, planes iv. Distances between points v. Interplanar spacing i) Vector math j) Metric tensor k) Rotation matrix l) Direct lattice vs Reciprocal lattice m) Reciprocal lattice, formulas n) Relations between DL and RL vectors o) symmetry i. symmetry operators ii. Symbols for the operators iii. Compatible operations with crystal lattices iv. Right and left handed copies v. Point groups vi. 32 crystallographic point groups vii. Nomenclature of the symbols All notes/handouts and in class examples/problems All HW problems...
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