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Recitation 12/4/04 Bullets Fundamental Thermodynamic Functions Clapeyron and Clausius-Clapeyron Equations Throttling process and Joule-Thomson coefficient Mole and mass numbers / mole and mass fractions Dalton’s Law Ideal gas mixture property values. 1. An idea gas mixture with a molar composition of 12.5% CO 2 , 12.5% H 2 O and 75% N 2 enters a turbine at 1700 K and 22 bar and exits at 1 bar; the mass flow rate is 10 kg/s.
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Unformatted text preview: Find the mass composition, {mf i }, the molar composition {y i }, and molar flow rates of the mixture components entering the turbine. Assume the turbine operation is ideal and use the constant specific heat assumption to find the change in molar enthalpy across the turbine. Find the power output of the turbine. For the analysis use specific heats values at 1000 K; see table A-21....
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