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Wk_2_recitation_F_04 - pressure of 101 kPa The system is...

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Recitation 2 Friday, September 10 / Monday, September 13 Important topics/ideas: Heat ( T) & work (force times displacement) and sign conventions. Moving boundary work (p-V) work. Work and area on p-V diagram. Modes of heat exchange (conduction, radiation and convection). Internal energy & adiabatic work. Energy conservation & the First Law of Thermodynamics. First Law applied to cycles - heat engines, refrigerators & heat pumps. Performance = what you get/what you pay for. Properties - the state principle, simple compressible systems, two independent intensive properties. p-v-T relations: p-v-T surface and its projections, single & two- phase regions. Phase change and quality. Recitation problem: A piston - cylinder combination of 1 m 3 initial volume is filled with air at an initial
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Unformatted text preview: pressure of 101 kPa. The system is taken through three processes, returning to its original state (this constitutes a cycle): state 1 --> state 2: gas is compressed in a polytropic process (pV n =const.) with n = 1.4 to half its original volume. state 2 --> state 3: gas is heated at constant pressure until it has expanded back to its original volume. state 3 --> state 1: gas is cooled at constant volume back to its original state. a) Sketch P-v diagram for the cycle. b) Find the work done in each process segment(1-->2, 2-->3, 3-->1). Is the work done positive or negative (done on or by the gas)? c) What is the net work for the cycle? d) What is the net heat for the cycle?...
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