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NPB 100 Lecture 9

NPB 100 Lecture 9 - -Locomotion in mammals-Reflexes that...

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-Locomotion in mammals -Reflexes that are necessary -Fictive Locomotion -Modulation and Reversal on Spinal Reflex -Presynaptic Inhibition -recording from the forewing muscle (elevator) and the hindwing muscle (depressor) -each period is one wing beat -regulate strength of contraction by controlling the number of action potentials per burst -compare wingbeat position and timing of burst of spikes in the muscles -motor patterns maintain the phase difference even though the period of wing beating is changing -Wilson came in and eliminated sensory input into the limbs -he observed that the structure was not affected -detailed cycle-by-cycle sensory receptors not necessary -slide 4: motor recording from power strokes recorded from 4 ganglia -systematic shift in time in the motor neurons going out to the limb -don’t have to have sensory input to have this pattern (same as in intact animal) -conclusion: sensory receptors not needed in the 2 cases described -what about mammals? -use cat model -diagram of cat (cortex, cerebellum, midbrain, hindbrain, spinal cord which has the sensory nerves)
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-seen from the side (anterior part is cortex, midbrain, hindbrain, -If you eliminate cortex (decorticate) of the animal, locomotion is not eliminated at all -they can walk on a beam, eat, play, etc but not walk on a ladder -the cortex integrates visual information into motor commands -these animals do not show pain -at 2 places in the midbrain, near the cerebellum and near the hypothalamus, when
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NPB 100 Lecture 9 - -Locomotion in mammals-Reflexes that...

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