NPB 100 Lecture 18

NPB 100 Lecture 18 - Lecture 18 -Cochlea has a tonotopic...

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Lecture 18 -Cochlea has a tonotopic map, each pitch has an optimal position along the cochlea where it will maximally stimulate sounds at that point -There is nothing inherently spatial about information coming into the cochlea. Must get spatial information by comparing information from the left and right ear. -Anatomy of the owl’s auditory system -Multimodal receptive field (respond to more than one sensory modality) -Development of visual and auditory maps? -The role of experience in the formation of these maps -How changes in these maps can occur? -Directed axonal sprouting -Owl has ears on either side of the head -has feather ruffs that act as pinae -slight difference in the position in the skull fof left and right ears, they point to slightly different positions up and down, give differential sensitivity for vertical position of a sound source -difference in timing reaching left and right ear, difference in loudness unless the sound is in front of the animal, difference in spectral quality of the animal (allows differentiation between directly in front and directly behind). -ITD gives them position in azimuth (deviation from straight ahead, 90 degree left or right for exmaple) -IID gives them position in the vertical plane -information coming in from the left cochlea is divided rapidly into cochlear nuclei in the brainstem of the animal. It’s compartmentalized into information of loudness and timing. This is separate from information coming in from the right cochlea, which comes into a separate cochlear nucleus, where timing and loudness are separate. -The information about timing is then brought forward to the nucleus laminaris in a particular way. Axons
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NPB 100 Lecture 18 - Lecture 18 -Cochlea has a tonotopic...

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