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BIS 104-01 Exam II key PAGE 1 Question 1 a) active transport b) facilitated transport c) Transporters Channel Proteins Composed of integral membrane proteins same Are solute specific same Rate = approx. 10 4 molec / second approx 10 6 molec/sec Saturation kinetics linear kinetics No ATP required same Can be regulated same Can be bi-directional same (always down the concentration gradient) PAGE 2 Question 2 a) Fluorescence activated cell sorting (FACS) b) Examine a small sample of each separated population by fluorescence microscopy to verify homogeneity of the populations. There should be no visible cross-contamination of fluorescent markers for the two cell types. OR: Probe each cell sample for expression of “contaminating” mRNA from the other cell type by RT-PCR and blotting. c) After two days in co-culture, approximately 60% of the formerly ephrinB2-negative endothelial cells, were expressing measurable levels of ephrinB2 on their surfaces as determined by fluorescence microscopy.
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d) A necessary control would be to culture the ephrinB2-negative cells alone for 2 days to ensure that they did not spontaneously differentiate under the given culture conditions. e) When soluble receptors were included in the co-cultures, they acted as competitive inhibitors and little or no ephrinB2 expression was seen in the endothelial cells after 2 days. f) This allows one to conclude that endothelial cell differentiation is induced by VEGF secreted from neurons. PAGE 3
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bis_104_exam_ii_key_06 - BIS 104-01 PAGE 1 Exam II Question...

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