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NonvascularPlants10-22-2008 - Tam Vu Nonvascular Plants 1...

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Tam Vu Nonvascular Plants 10-22-2008 1. Common Features Nonmonophyletic Typical Habitat - Moist Areas – grow as dense mats – can grow on trees in shady locales None of these clades have any roots (roots allow to get water deep in the soil) makes them much more dependent on moist habitats No vasculature – needs a moist area Exceptions to moist rule, however harsh environments Moss = dominant plant above tree line + above arctic circle + abundant moss in Antarctic + can grow on rocks (vascular plants have problems growing on rocks) These are good colonizers usually the first plants for colonizing and can pave the way for larger plants Swimming sperm another reason why moist environment = important. Sperm has to swim to egg = water is required for fertilization Ex. Raindrops can splash sperm from the antheridia to next plant. Or mechanical release of sperm when it starts to rain.
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