xs95667 - NPB 101 Winter 1997 Name MIDTERM II (White)...

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NPB 101 Winter 1997 INSTRUCTIONS: Name MIDTERM II (White) February 1. Use SCAN-TRON Form No. 2052 ONLY 2. Label your SCAN-TRON with: -Name. a. b. Exam color on subject line. C. Student ID at top of form. (Start from the top; residual.) d. If you desire exam returned to boxes outside 180 back of your SCAN-TRON: If number is greater than 5, fill in 5 Briggs, please write the following on the “Please return my SCAN-TRON in boxes outside Room 180 Briggs Hall.” 3. A No. 2 pencil must be used. 4. Completely darken the proper answer space. 5. Erasures must be complete. 6. Do not make any extraneous marks on the answer sheet. 7. Read questions and answers carefully and choose the answer to each question. 8. Make certain your exam has 30 questions (7 pages total, cover page). 9. In the event you think a question is “ambiguous”, you may explain your reasoning below. Make certain you include your SCAN-TRON answer in your explanation. Limit yourself to 3 questions. Your explanation will be considered unless you are a borderline case at the end of the course. QUESTION # QUESTION # QUESTION 10. You may keep your examination. Hand in only the SCAN-TRON form. If you explained an answer to an “ambiguous” question, hand in the top sheet WITH YOUR NAME ON IT. This form may not be turned in at a later date.
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NPB 101 2 Midterm II Phvsioloov Winter 1997 1. A 200-pound man (lean body weight) has a vital capacity of 4,550 mls, an inspiratory reserve volume of 3,000 mls and an expiratory reserve volume of 1,000 ml. If the respiratory frequency is 10 breaths per min, then the alveolar ventilation would be: a) 2,000 b) 3,500 c) 10,000 d) 30,000 e) not enough information provided 2. A medullary pacemaker area contains “neurons” that have connections with the a-motor neurons of the inspiratory muscles. This area is thought to govern (regulate) inspiration during restful breathing. It is referred to as the a) dorsal respiratory group (DRG) b) ventral respiratory group (VRG) c) apneustic center d) pneumotaxic center e) pons 3. A subject consumes one-liter of distilled water. Within 15 minutes, urine production rises and stays elevated for a period of time. Which of the following would be associated with the body’s responses to this consumed fluid? a) The production of hyperosmotic urine. b) A decrease in plasma osmolarity. c) Elevation in blood ADH levels caused by osmoreceptor activity. d) Production of more water pores in collecting ducts to extract the excess water. e) Inhibition of aldosterone release from the pituitary gland. 4. At sea level there is normally a 60 Torr difference between inspired and alveolar This difference depends on several things, one of which is a) the exchange of oxygen in the upper airways (for example, the trachea and bronchi). b) the time it takes oxygen to diffuse from the atmosphere to the alveolus.
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xs95667 - NPB 101 Winter 1997 Name MIDTERM II (White)...

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