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11-24 - TPQ-1976 TAQ-1977 Chronology Building 1 Relative 2...

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Archaeologicl Analysis II Inferring Time Assemblage Terminus Post Quem (TPQ)- beginning date of assemblage Terminus Ante Quem (TAQ)- closing date Ex: Tiffany Lamp 1900----- 1957-----1978 Beer Can w/punch top 1974-----1977 1976 Campaign Button 1976-----
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Unformatted text preview: TPQ---1976 TAQ---1977 Chronology- Building 1. Relative 2. Absolute Stratigraphy Seriation Popularity Curve Flinders Petrie- Egypt Cross-Dating Megaliths Chronometric Dating Techniques Radiocarbon C14-C12 Half Life 5,730 years B.P. 1950...
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