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ARCHAEOLOGICAL CONCEPTS 1. Chronology- Time 2. Inference 3. Utility 4. Style 5. Space-spatial variability Space 1. Descriptive Goals Culture Histories 2. Culture Process Regularities EMERGENCE OF ARCHAEOLOGY 1. Collecting a. Ancient Collecting i. Nabonidas-Babylon-known to have est. a museum of objects he had people dig up in Mesopotania ii. Corinth-excavated rumains to Roman collectors b. Modern Collecting i. Spanish Conquest ii. Dilettanti iii. Pompeii
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Unformatted text preview: RENAISSANCE INFLUENCES Humanism Scientific Discoveries o Regularities Industrial Revolution-Geology Uniformitarianism Ancient Earth history-Prehistoric Past Coucher De Pertues Hand Axe C. Thomsen Stone, Bronze, Iron Ages-Discoveries in the Classical World (surrounding Meditteranian) Near East- Cuneiform? Egypt- Hieroglyphics Mucenaea- Ancient Greek Chronologies Time...
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