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9-15 - Physical Social Adaptation Traits related to “”...

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The Development of Modern Archaeology in America Anthropology Prehistory Interests Methodology 1. Historical Particularism a. Cultures as traits i. Migration ii. Diffusion iii. Invention b. Attributes-Artifacts i. Patterns ii. “Prehistoric Cultures” iii. Culture areas- space 1. age areas- time Contributions 1. Chronologies- Time 2. Spatial Distribution Functionalism & Cultural Ecology 1. Functionalism Interrelated Systems 2. Cultural Ecology Linked cultures to their larger context- environment
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Unformatted text preview: Physical Social Adaptation Traits related to “” Culture as an adaptive system behavior Julian Steward “Cultural Ecology” Technology- key to org. Reflects adaptation to environment technology environment social organizations ideology L. White-Energy Greater Efficiency Materialism Static Phenomenon Change...
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