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9-22 - Community • Social Unit group of families...

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Basic Concepts of Human Behavior Artifacts as a product of behavior Concepts 1. Use artifacts 2. Dispose of artifacts Behavior Acts-individuals Activities-groups Activity Areas Activities and Organization Activities People Artifacts Artifacts arranged in space Behavior organization activities artifacts arrangement in space Social context of activities Group- social unit Specialized Short-term Permanent Social Unit-Group Activities Space Behavioral Component Household Social Group-Family Activities- eating, worship, recreations, traditions Activity Area- House, out buildings, yard
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Unformatted text preview: Community • Social Unit- group of families settlement, group of households • Activities-sporting events, worship, trade, formal relationships, formalized production, organized government, organized religion. Regional System Social Unit-Group of Communities Activities- trade, large scale, sports activities, protection, specialized production, information Assumptions 1. Behavior is Adaptive 2. 3 Dimensions a. Technological b. Social organization 3. Environment a. Natural b. Social 4. Change 5....
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