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Cultural Formation Processes The processes by which material items in use in the context of life pass into the archaeological record 1. Reuse S S 2. Deposition S A 3. Reclamation Archaeological Context S 4. Disturbance A A Reuse A. Recycling a. New use b. New form B. Secondary Use a. New use b. Same form C. Lateral Cycling a. Same use b. Same form c. Different user Deposition A. Discard a. Primary refuse i. Waste material that accumulates at a place where an activity
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Unformatted text preview: occurs ii. Beer cans at a football game b. Secondary refuse i. Deposited somewhere else, not at where activity occurred c. Odormetric Index d. Tells-mountains of refuge e. Abandonment f. Loss g. Burial- people i. Grave goods h. Caches-objects i. Dedicatory cache ii. Banking cache- collections of artifacts that are set aside for use later...
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