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9-9 - People as Faulty Computers(Einstein III People as...

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Sept. 9 What is social psychology Theory and Methods Scala Naturae: The Great Chain of Being “As Above, So Below” Universe Society The Human Self God King Intelligence (“God’s own image”) Angels Nobles/Gentry Tripartite Soul: Humans Commoners 1) Rational Animals Non-Christians 2)Sensitive (perception) Plants 3) Vegetative (growth) Stones Perspectives of Human Nature I. People as Scientists (Rational Beings) II.
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Unformatted text preview: People as Faulty Computers (Einstein) III. People as Civilized Beings (Heliocentric Universe) IV. People as Selfish Beasts (Freud) V. Peoples as Social Animals (Darwin?) Research Methods: The Experiement Manipulation Random Assignment Isolate Causes Research Methods: Correlations Correlation does not equal causation! I. Reverse Causation II. Third Variable Problem III....
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