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People as Scientists Attributions Heider’s Lay Scientific Theory of Behavior Actor’s Disposition + Immediate Situation = Behavior The Logic of Discounting and Augmentation X (person) + Y (situation) = Z (behavior) Discounting: …X decreases as Y increases 3 (person) + 7 (situation) = 10 (behavior) Augmentation: …X increases as Y decreases 13 (person) + -3 (situation) = 10 (behavior) 2 variables manipulated: 1. Was the essay pro-Castro or anti-Castro? 2. Did the student have a choice in the topic or was he assigned to it? X decreases as Y increases (Discounting) Choice Condition: 10 (person) + 0 (situation) = 10 (behavior) No Choice Conditon 3 (person) + 7 (situation) = 10 (behavior)
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