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Unformatted text preview: 9-16Mueller & Dweck (1998)Attributions kids make, is explained by their influence when they respond to difficult things.?Outline:1.Work on problem set #1 (moderate difficulty)- math problems2.Given feedback about performance, plus:intelligence praise, effort praise, or control (none)3.Work on problem set #2 (very difficult)4.Measure kids attributions for failure5.Work on problem set #3 (same as set #1!)Kids that received effort praise did way better on 3rdthan ist. Kids that received intelligence praise did way worse.9-21Bems Self-Perception Theory (1965)Hamburger, observe own likes and dislikes, same as you do for others, discounting applies to selfAttribute behavior to situationTesting idea that when I perform a behavior in the presence of a strong influence, I attribute my behavior to that strong influence, just like anyone elses behaviorLepper, Greene, & Nisbett (1973)If someone promises you a reward for doing something, and you do it. If you apply the law of attribution, if you then analysis it, you did it simply because of the reward.External reason for behavior. If you make that attribution, decide whether you do it in the future or not, depends on receiving reward again.Expect only to be true if child was promised a reward before starting a behavior, if prize is given before, does not affect attributions....
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9-16,9-21 - 9-16Mueller & Dweck...

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