9-23 - Evaluation of outcomes X Attitudes Behavioral...

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Festinger’s Cognitive Dissonance MAGNITUDE=(# of Dissonant Elements X importance)/(# of Consonant Elements X importance) Add on consonant elements-things consistant with your behavior 1. have to have illusion of free choice 2. voluntarily performed behavior, knowing consequences Some paid $1, some paid $20, asked to lie after experiment to say it was fun and interesting (dissonance) Control-didn’t enjoy, $1 enjoyed the most, $20 doesn’t have strong dissonance, low. Same as participate in similar experiment Behavior: Choose to go to MSU instead of Grand Valley State MSU Features Evaluation Status w/Final Choice Nat. Recogn. + Consonant Great football + C Expensive - Dissonant Large Classes - D GVSU Small classes + D Mr.Popularity + D Dry campus - C Close to home - C Women that want to lose weight- 3 groups: control, low effort, high effort
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Unformatted text preview: Evaluation of outcomes X Attitudes Behavioral Intentions Behavior probability of outcomes Strength of norm X Norms modivation to comply evaluation of outcome 1 x outcome 1 probability evaluation of outcome 2 x outcome 2 probability evaluation of outcome n x outcome n probability Predicting behavior: Drinking Alcohol A) Attitude Toward Drinking Alcohol: Outcome Beliefs Outcome Probability Tastes good +4 .9 Relaxing +3 .6 Be Aggressive-8 .2 Have Hangover-4 .4 B) Norms for Drinking Alcohol: Norm Strength Motivation 2 Comply Parental (con) 8(-) +2 Peer (pro) 6+ +6 Exam 1: MONDAY Multiple Choice & TorF Short Answer Go through each experiment, write down who did it, with list of questions, why was it done, what were the researchers trying to show, what did they do-methodology, what did they find-results-no exact #s will be asked....
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9-23 - Evaluation of outcomes X Attitudes Behavioral...

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