10-7 - People as Faulty Computers Accessibility &...

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People as Faulty Computers Accessibility Summary People are unaware that accessibility exsists. I. Accessible constructs used to disambiguate II. People unaware of the influence of accessibility (“it just feels natural”) III. People unaware of sources of accessibility IV. Two sources of accessibility a. Priming b. Chronic *Replicated Higgins, Rholes. & Jones (1977) using subliminal presentations of prime words Rated more positive w/positive words flashing, negative w/ negative words flashing Can’t process being primed *tested how accessibility from priming and chronic accessibility combine *Chronic accessibility of kindness assessed by output: “List up to 10 traits that describe the kind of person…” *Accessibility of kindness subliminally primed with fake “vigilance task” *Judge Donald, who behaves in ambiguously kind way *Does priming kindness influence judgements? Does chronic accessibility of kindness influence judgements? Does priming work the same for chronic and non-chronic? Expecting that people primed with kindness to rate as kind, the same with people with high chronic towards kindness Non-chronics Prime-lower None-Higher High Chronics (higher than non-chronics all together) Prime-higher None- lower You can prime people that are already higher chronic There are concepts/nodes, are connected at different distances there are differences in how closely the nodes are connected. When something becomes activated, not just the node activates, spreading action to
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10-7 - People as Faulty Computers Accessibility &...

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