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10-14 - People As Faulty Computers Wednesday Oct 14th...

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People As Faulty Computers Wednesday, Oct. 14 th Expectations cont. Exam out of 48.5 pts Bargh, Chen, & Burrows (1996) Purpose: Three studies designed to test how nonconscious activation of (a) trait constructs (study 1) and (b) social categories (study 2) influences behavior automatically Method: Study 1 I.Prime rude or polite (or control) with scrambled sentence task (SST). Unscramble words to make correct grammatically correct sentence. Being primed, by inserting words related to those constructs. II. Told to find experimenter in different room when down with SST. III. Participant finds experimenter engaged in conversation with confederate. Polite: 558seconds (before interrupting) Neutral: 519 seconds Rude: 326 seconds Method: Study 2 I. Prime elderly or control with scrambled sentence task. a. Bingo, Florida, wise, old, retirement, forgetful, don’t prime slow b. Dismisses participants, dude outside times how long it takes for the participant to leave II. Measure walking speed down a long hallway after experiment ends a. Will they physically walk slower, being primed for elderly Experiment 2a: Control: 7.3 seconds Elderly: 8.25 seconds Experiment 2b: Control: 7.2 seconds Elderly: 8.2 seconds Ran study twice to ensure reliability of effect. Dijksterhuis & van Knippenberg (1998) Method: I. Prime professor or soccer hooligan (or control) by asking them to write about a day in the life of each type of person. Given 42 m.c. questions, general knowledge. Professor-smart, Soccer hooligan- not so smart No Prime: 49.9% correctly solved When wrote about a Professor: 59.5% When wrote about a Soccer Hooligan: 43.1% Summary Doesn’t help to pretend humans are something we are not Interpersonal Implications:
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When see bias, cannot necessarily attribute malicious intentions
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