10-19 - People as Faulty Computers Monday Oct 19...

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People as Faulty Computers Monday, Oct. 19 Whether applicants from different races are getting the same treatment Their answer was no, they would’t Interviewer’s expectancy: Negative evaluation of Blacks Interviewer’s expectancy influences his behavior: Behaves more positively toward White vs. Black applicants Interviewer’s behavior influences the applicannt: Black vs. White applicants perform worse in a job interview back to interviewer’s expectancy 2 different studies Study 1 looks at the first 2 steps of cycle above Study 1 Method: I. White participants are the interviewers, interviewing four applicants to be a “team member”. II. Black and white confederates are the applicants; trained to act the same III. White interviewer enters the room with the first applicant already seated IV. White interviewer has a list of application questions to ask, has 45 minutes to interview the four applicants Study 1 Dependent Measures: I. How close does the White interviewer sit to White vs. Black applicants? II. How long does the White interviewer keep the White vs. Black applicnt interviews going? III. How much speech errors does the White interviewer make during the White vs. Black applicant interviews? White Applicant: interviewer sits 58.43 inches away Black Applicant: interviewer sits 62.29 inches away White: 12.77min long interview Black: 9.42 min long interview White: 2.37 words per minute (speech errors) Black: 3.54 words per minute (speech errors) Study 2: roles switched, steps 2&3. treat applicants as being white (warm) and black (distant) Study II Method: I. White participants are the applicants II. White confederates are the interviewers; train to treat the White applicant as if they were Black or White III. Rest of the experiment is same as in Study I. Study II Dependent Measures: Blind coders rate the applicant’s performance along a number of dimensions: I. Performance ( how adequate for the position?)
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II. Demeanor (calm and composed) III. Applicant’s distance IV. Applicant’s speech errors Prediction: those participants treated like Black appicants will perform worse than those treated like White applicants “White”: 2.22 adequate “Black”: 1.44 adequate “White”:3.02 Demeanor “Black”: 1.62 Demeanor “White”: 3.33 speech errors per minute “Black”: 5.01 speech errors per minute “White”: sat 56.93 inches away “Black”: sat 72.63 inches away Pinel (2002)
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10-19 - People as Faulty Computers Monday Oct 19...

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