10-28 - People as Civilized Beings Social Influences...

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People as Civilized Beings Social Influences continued Benefits and Costs of Norms +Essential for proper functioning of society, foundation of civilizations +Norms allow for a shared understanding of how things are; connections with others; reality comfirmation +/- Power of norms can be exploited for pro-social or malicious purposes Cialdini’s Weapons of Influence Click, Whirr: Automatic responses, “fixed action patterns” Langer et al. (1978) Type of Appeal Request Only (can I please use copy machine): 60% who comply Request + Real Reason (can I please use the copy machine because I am in a rush): 93% Request + Placebic Reason (can I please use the copy machine because I have to make some copies-provides no additional info): 94% Simply because the word BECAUSE is used, it boosts the % comply- mindless behavior Early evolutionary thinking: Asking why we have these automatic responses? I.Reciprocation Definition: When someone provides something to us, we are obliged to repay in kind what the person has provided. Benefit: Can’t have a developed, functioning society without this principle. The foundation of sharing resources in a group. Why it works: Accepting an offer causes feelings of indebredness, which is unpleasant and motivates us to repay. Regan (1971) Will the participant buy more tickets when the confederate buys them a Coke Confederate Liked Confederate (polite, nice): No Favor: 1.00 tickets purchased Favor: 1.91 Disliked Confederate (jerk, rude): No Favor: 0.80 Favor: 1.60 Even when the confederate is disliked, the participant still buys twice as many tickets because of “being in debt” to them for the Coke. Sales Examples: Tons. A free sample is a gift, you are in debt to them. A trial period. You are not doing something nice just to be nice, you are doing it in anticipation of something in return. Variation: Rejection then Retreat (Door in the Face)
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Boy asks if man wants to buy tickets for Boy Scout Circus for $5, man says no. Boy asks if he wants to buy candy bars to help raise money for it instead, only $1 each. Man walks away with 3 candy bars. An initial large request is made, and after being rejected the person offers smaller request. What is being accepted is the other person’s compromise. Cialdini (1975) Would you be willing to chaparone delinquent child alone at zoo, unpaid. Second condition, heard larger request first: would you be willing to spend 2 hours a week for 2 years as a councelor for a delinquent child? Request Type
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10-28 - People as Civilized Beings Social Influences...

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