11-2 - Shock Level Slight Shock 0 Number of participants...

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EXAM IS MONDAY, NOVEMBER 9 Roles 3 Fundamental Properties of Roles: 1. Role defines appropriate/inappropriate behaviors, thoughts, etc. 2. You as an individual are separate from the role. 3. Role defines your viewpoint, your reality Method: Quiz game with a contestand and a host (questioner) Participants know they’re randomly assigned to a role Host told to come up with difficult questions, contestant will attempt to answer them After game is over, participants rate each other’s knowledge Purpose: Although it’s clear that the roles were randomly assigned, would the host be …. Participant’s Role Host Rating of Self: 53.50 number of items recalled Rating of Partner: 50.60 Contestant Ranting of Self: 41.30 Rating of Partner: 66.80 Milgram’s Obedience Studies (1963)
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Unformatted text preview: Shock Level Slight Shock: 0 Number of participants stopping at level Moderate Shock: 0 Strong: 8 Very strong: 0 Intense: 2 Extreme intensity: 5 Danger: severe: 0 XXX: 25 When there is no voice-feedback and pounding on wall Less than intense shocks were all 0 Intense: 5 Extreme intensity: 8 Danger: severe: 1 XXX: 26 As teacher gets closer to learner, obedience decreases, as teacher doesn’t have to see learner, obedience increases, as teacher has to hold down learners hand, obedience decreases, as experimenter is not present, obedience decreases Voice-Feedback Study- redo of experiment (by a different guy) Strong Shock: 8 Intense: 2 Extreme: 5 XXX: 25 No gender difference in Milgram based studies...
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11-2 - Shock Level Slight Shock 0 Number of participants...

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