11-25 - Low fertile: 71% On contraceptive High fertile: 80%...

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High social status Dependability Willingness to invest resources in ones offspring Dominant behavior-protection Little (2007) shoulder to waist ratio Women rated pictures of men for one night stand, during different menstrual cycles. Shown 2 pictures from the waist to the neck. One was more masculine , one more feminine Results Not on hormonal contraceptive High fertile: 82% chose masculine
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Unformatted text preview: Low fertile: 71% On contraceptive High fertile: 80% Low fertile: 77% Terror management theory work out implications Flight From Death: the quest for immortality If culture serves death-defying functions, they should want to put more investment into culture. If you remind people of death, they should value culture more (society, religion relieve anxiety of death)...
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