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ECE 3025C -- Electromagnetics Homework Assignment #1 August 30, 2007 Problem 1. (3 points) A trace of width a = 0.15 mm and length L = 3 cm runs along the top of a printed circuit board made of FR4 (nonmagnetic) which has a relative permittivity of 4.9 r ε = . A. What is the propagation delay for a signal traveling along this trace? B. What is the phase shift for a 500 MHz sinusoidal signal? C. What is the phase shift for a 2.1 GHz sinusoidal signal? Problem 2. (3 points) In class we showed that (/ ) p Vft zv + is a solution to the one dimensional wave equation: 22 vv LC zt ∂∂ = A. Show that ) p + is also a solution. B. Show that ) p I gt z v + and ) p + are solutions of ii LC = . C. Use the transmission line equations to express ) p + in terms of ) p + . Problem 3. (4 points) RG174 is a common type of miniature 50 ohm coaxial cable. Assume that a 3 meter length of RG174 is used to connect a 5 volt source to a 225 ohm load resistor.
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